• 27/01/2022
Buah-buahan Unik Kalimantan Selatan

Unique Fruits of South Kalimantan

Unique Fruits of South Kalimantan – South Kalimantan is one of the cities in Indonesia which is famous for its very diverse tourism beauty, not only famous for its tourism, South Kalimantan is also famous for its unique fruit names.

Various kinds that you don’t know about Indonesia. One of them is in South Kalimantan with an abundance of abundant natural resources, call it delicious and delicious fruits. When you visit, it’s a shame if you haven’t tried it, especially if the fruit is just there.

Here are seven fruits that have unique names and are also rare fruits. Many people don’t know this fruit. It is very lucky for you to read this article because the article provides complete information about the fruit of these steps, let’s see!

1. Kelendang

This potato fruit is very similar to jackfruit and cempedak fruit. Kelendang fruit has a smaller size even as large as an adult’s hand, if opened, the flesh of the keledang is reddish orange in color. This fruit, which is only found in Kalimantan, doesn’t have any aroma. If you don’t like jackfruit or cempedak fruit, you can try this fruit.

2. Lava fruit

It’s not easy to get this fruit. Lahung fruit is similar to durian fruit, the difference is that the fruit skin is red while durian is green. If the meat is split, the meat is red while the durian is yellow. The taste of the lava fruit is no different from durian.

3. Fruit rambai

Rambai fruit in the form of duku or langsat fruit. Having a sweet acidic taste than langsat, this bauh has grown and spread from Indonesia and Malaysia. The appearance of the rambai fruit indicates the end of the fruit season.

4. Fruit cardamom

Kapul fruit is similar to mangis. However, there are some differences that can be seen immediately, namely the color of the cardamom skin is colored like wood. Kapul pulp is white and yellowish, while the mangosteen is white. But in terms of taste, both have a sweet taste and a little sour taste.

5. Kasturi fruit

Kasturi fruit is the same as the name mango fruit which is a bit small like sapodilla fruit. The aroma is like magga but more pungent. The skin of the fruit is dark green, slightly blackish, the flesh is yellow to orange and tastes fresh and sweet. This fruit is still quite widely grown in Kalimantan, but only a few are known.