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Kinds of Good Fruits to Finish Childbirth

Kinds of Good Fruits to Finish Childbirth

Kinds of Good Fruits to Finish Childbirth – During pregnancy and even after giving birth, there are many things that you must pay attention to, one of which is the issue of the food you should eat and shouldn’t eat. For mothers who have just finished giving birth, there are many things you must do and you must take care of their health.

Good Fruits Consumed After Childbirth, What Are?

1. Dates

A study found that mothers who consumed dates after giving birth lost less blood and also experienced less bleeding. Citing Healthline, dates are also a source of simple sugars that can help provide energy quickly. So that your energy can immediately recover and be ready to breastfeed your little one.

2. Blueberries

After giving birth, you definitely want to breastfeed your baby right away. Well Moms, blueberries can be the right choice to help meet your needs. These blueberries have lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for nursing mothers and provide a healthy dose of carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up after delivery.

3. Orange

Oranges are a great food for boosting energy after childbirth. Oranges are also an excellent fruit for breast milk production because they contain lots of vitamin C. Quoting WebMD, if you don’t have time to eat oranges, then you can ask your husband to make fresh juice. If you want to buy bottled orange juice, buy calcium-fortified juice to get more benefits from your drink.

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4. Apple

Try eating apples with peanut butter after giving birth, Moms. Because, this combination can provide protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to keep your energy stable. Apples are also a fruit with a long shelf life, so you can buy plenty to stock up on.

5. Banana

Potassium is very important for pregnant women, but maintaining high potassium levels after delivery is also important especially if you are breastfeeding. So try eating one medium-sized banana after giving birth because it contains about 450 milligrams of potassium.…

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Several Types of Mangoes with the Most Delicious Taste

Several Types of Mangoes with the Most Delicious Taste

Several Types of Mangoes with the Most Delicious Taste – Mango is one type of fruit with a unique taste that is not owned by other types of fruit, mango also has a variety of flavors ranging from sour to sweet.

At first glance, the mango tree has the same shape. A woody plant that has a stem height of more than 5 meters. As a typical tropical plant, mango is very fertile in Indonesia.

Although it looks the same, it turns out that there are many types of mangoes. There are characteristics of each, ranging from color, taste, and how to eat.

Mango is now a classy preparation. For example, the modern mango juice has King Mango and Mango Sticky Rice. No wonder, because this fruit is very tempting with a fragrant aroma and sweet taste.

1. Mango Gedong Gincu

The gedong gincu mango comes from Cirebon which is reddish yellow in color. The size of the fruit is small and oval.

Besides Cirebon, gedong gincu is also famous in Indramayu. In terms of taste, gedong gincu from Indramayu is known to be sweeter. Unfortunately, the size of the gincu gedong from Indramayu is smaller so it is less desirable.

2. Mango Arumanis

Mango gadung or arumanis is one of the fruits of Probolinggo’s pride. This mango is oval in shape with a tapered tip.

As the name implies, this mango does have a fragrant aroma and sweet taste. The skin of the fruit is green, the texture of the flesh is soft, and it is durable. The price is around Rp. 14 thousand per kilogram.

3. Mango Manalagi

Manalagi mango has a blend of mango arumanis and golek taste. The size of the fruit is smaller than the mango golek.

The hallmark of the manalagi mango is its thick, dense, and fibrous flesh. This includes mangoes that last a long time after picking from the tree. Mango manalagi is priced at around Rp. 15 thousand per kilogram.

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4. Mango Apple

Called apple mango because it is round like an apple. This mango from Singapore is reddish green in color.

There are two types of apple mango, namely red and green. The green apple mango has a sour taste and is perfect for salads. Meanwhile, the red one is very fragrant and the texture of the meat is very smooth.

5. Mango Avocado

This is a typical Pasuruan mango which has recently gone viral. This mango is very unique because the way it eats is similar to avocado.

No need to bother peeling, you just have to cut the middle. There is no doubt about the taste, avocado mango is the result of a cross-breeding of gadung mango and honey mango.

Mango avocados are priced at around Rp. 35 thousand per kilogram.…

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Fibrous Fruits Good for Digestion

Fibrous Fruits Good for Digestion

Fibrous Fruits Good for Digestion – As it is well known that fruits provide many benefits for the health of the body, fibrous fruits are believed to have good benefits for digestion.

As we know, fiber is known to be good for digestive health. More than that, fiber also has many other benefits, including helping you lose weight, controlling blood sugar levels and preventing constipation or constipation.

Lack of fiber in the body can cause various health problems. Therefore, the need for fiber in the body must be fulfilled. You do this by consuming foods that contain fiber, one of which is fruit.

1. Pear

Apart from having a sweet taste and containing lots of water, pears are also rich in fiber which is important for digestive health. Launching Healthline, 1 medium pear (178 grams) contains about 6 grams of fiber.

The water and fiber content in pears can keep you feeling full and help you lose weight. In the journal Appetite in 2008, a 10-week study showed that female participants who added 3 pears per day to their diet experienced an average weight loss of 0.84 kg.

Rich in nutrients, pears are also a good source of polyphenol antioxidants to protect body cells from free radical damage.

When eating pears, it’s better to eat with the skin because that’s where the fiber is. However, don’t forget to wash it thoroughly before eating.

2. Apples

Another fruit that contains lots of fiber is apples. One medium apple (182 grams) contains 4 grams of fiber. In addition, apples are also rich in polyphenols. Just like pears, apples should be consumed with their skin because they contain fiber and are high in polyphenols.

Apples are one of the fruits that many people who are on a diet choose. The fiber and water content in apples can make the stomach feel fuller for longer.

In a study in the journal Appetite in 2009, consumption of apples before meals made a person feel fuller than people who ate applesauce, apple juice, or who did not eat apples at all.

The good thing is, apples also contain pectin as a prebiotic, food intake for good bacteria in digestion.

3. Berry

Not inferior to other fruits, berries are also a good source of fiber. Having a refreshing sweet and sour taste, you can eat strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Fiber can slow down the movement of food through the digestive tract. This can reduce hunger, increase satiety, and reduce calorie intake. Launching Healthline, the fiber content in 100 grams of each berry, namely:

Raspberries: 6.5 grams
Blackberry: 5.3 grams
Strawberries: 2 grams
Blueberries: 2.4 grams

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4. Avocado

The fiber in avocado is quite high. 100 grams of avocado contains about 6.7 grams of fiber. In addition, avocados also contain high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids. The fatty acids that are abundant in avocados are oleic acid. These fatty acids are also a major component of olive oil which is beneficial for health.

Avocados include foods that contain FODMAPs (fermentable oligo-, di-, monosaccharides and polyols), short-chain carbohydrates that are difficult for some people to digest, such as those with irritable bowel syndrome. For them, consumption of FODMAPs food can cause digestive problems in the form of abdominal pain, flatulence, and diarrhea.

5. Mango

Mango is one of the most popular fruits. Not only does it taste delicious, this fruit is also rich in nutrients, including various vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In 165 grams of mango contains 2.6 grams of fiber.

Mangoes contain lots of water and fiber which can help relieve digestive disorders, such as constipation and diarrhea. Mangoes contain polyphenols and fiber which are more effective at relieving symptoms of constipation than supplements containing the same amount of fiber.

Even so, mangoes also have a high sugar content, so their consumption must be limited, especially for people with diabetes so that their blood sugar levels do not spike.…

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Fruit Juices That Make Thirst Quencher

Fruit Juices That Make Thirst Quencher

Fruit Juices That Make Thirst Quencher – When the weather is hot and hot, we will always feel hot and thirsty. Usually we are looking for food or drink that can eliminate our thirst and thirst. Not infrequently we always get it from fruits.

So, to release thirst when the weather is hot, we can make fruit juices that are easy and easy to process. Instead of being curious, just look at the thirst-quenching fruit juice recipes below.

1. Red melon juice

Materials :

  • 250 grams of red melon
  • Shaved ice to taste
  • Lime juice 1 tbsp
  • Sugar 2 tbsp

How to make :

1. Peel the melons, cut into cubes, set aside for a while.

2. Put the melon pieces, granulated sugar, lime juice, and ice cubes in the blender.

3. Blend until smooth and well blended. Add lemon syrup, blend again for about 3 minutes.

4. Remove and pour the melon juice into the glass. Add ice cubes if desired and serve.

2. Kiwi juice and honey

Materials :

  • 4 pieces of kiwi
  • Ice cubes as needed
  • Sugar 1 tbsp
  • Honey 4 tbsp
  • Lime juice 2 tbsp

How to make :

1. Peel the kiwi fruit, cut into 4 pieces and set aside for a while.

2. Put the kiwi fruit pieces, ice cubes and granulated sugar into the blender. Process until soft and smooth.

3. Add honey and lime juice, then blend again for about 4 minutes until smooth and well blended.

4. Then remove and pour the juice into a glass, add the shaved ice cubes, serve

3. Strawberry juice

  • Strawberries 350 grams
  • Sugar 2 tbsp
  • Mineral water 50 ml
  • Lime juice 2 tbsp
  • Ice cubes as needed

How to make :

1. Discard strawberry fruit leaves, wash and cut into 3 pieces.

2. Enter the strawberry slices, lime juice, mineral water and sugar into the blender, blend until smooth and well blended.

3. Pour the juice into a glass, add ice cubes if desired. Serve.

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4. Red guava fruit juice

Materials :

  • 250 grams of red guava fruit
  • Ice cubes as needed
  • Granulated sugar 50 grams
  • 2 tbsp white sweetened condensed milk
  • 75 ml boiled water

How to make :

1. Peel the guava, then cut the guava fruit into small cubes.

2. Shave the ice cubes until they become soft flakes.

3. Enter the pieces of guava, granulated sugar and shaved ice into the blender. Blend until well blended.

4. Add sweetened condensed milk and boiled water, blend again until soft and smooth.

5. Remove and pour the guava juice into a glass, then serve with ice cubes on top.

5. Papaya and lemon juice

Materials :

  • 300 grams of papaya fruit
  • Ice cubes as needed
  • 75 ml sugar syrup
  • 100 ml lemon-flavored soda drink

How to make :

1. Peel papaya, divide into several pieces then cut into cubes, set aside for a while.

2. Put the papaya fruit, sugar syrup, and lemon-flavored soda water in the blender. Process until the juice is soft and well blended.

3. Pour the juice into a glass, add enough ice cubes, then serve.

Well, those are the fruit juice recipes that can release our thirst and thirst because of the hot and scorching weather. The recipe is easy and doesn’t take much time to make. So what are you waiting for, try the juice recipe at home right away.…

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Fresh Mango Custard Pudding Recipe

Fresh Mango Custard Pudding Recipe

Fresh Mango Custard Pudding Recipe – Custard is a name for processed food that uses a mixture of milk and egg yolk. Custard is commonly used in the technique of processing puddings, therefore there is a type of custard pudding. This custard pudding uses the main ingredient in the form of ripe mangoes. The sweet and fresh taste is indeed suitable if used as an ingredient in pudding. Are you impatient with this mango custard headache recipe? Check out the details below, yes.

1. Prepare the ingredients

1 mango
350 ml of liquid milk
½ tablespoon custard flour
1 egg yolk
4 tbsp sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon powdered gelatin

2. Mix the custard flour and milk

To make a pudding mixture, first mix the custard flour and liquid milk. Stir the two ingredients evenly then set aside. In a separate container, mix the egg yolk, vanilla, and sugar. Beat until the second mixture is evenly mixed.

3. Cook all pudding ingredients

Next, mix the first and second dough in one pan. Cook over low heat until it boils then add the gelatin that has been dissolved in warm water. Cook it again for about 3 minutes, stirring constantly so that it doesn’t clump.

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4. Cut part of the mango, the other part is mashed

Peel the mango and wash it with clean water. Divide the mango into two parts. Smooth 1 part blender while the other 1 part is cut into cubes to the size you like.

5. Serve the pudding after it has cooled

To serve the mango custard pudding, pour the cooked pudding mixture into the container and let it harden. After the pudding hardens enough, give it a topping of mango chunks and mango juice on top. Chill in the refrigerator then serve!…

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Buah-buahan Unik Kalimantan Selatan

Unique Fruits of South Kalimantan

Unique Fruits of South Kalimantan – South Kalimantan is one of the cities in Indonesia which is famous for its very diverse tourism beauty, not only famous for its tourism, South Kalimantan is also famous for its unique fruit names.

Various kinds that you don’t know about Indonesia. One of them is in South Kalimantan with an abundance of abundant natural resources, call it delicious and delicious fruits. When you visit, it’s a shame if you haven’t tried it, especially if the fruit is just there.

Here are seven fruits that have unique names and are also rare fruits. Many people don’t know this fruit. It is very lucky for you to read this article because the article provides complete information about the fruit of these steps, let’s see!

1. Kelendang

This potato fruit is very similar to jackfruit and cempedak fruit. Kelendang fruit has a smaller size even as large as an adult’s hand, if opened, the flesh of the keledang is reddish orange in color. This fruit, which is only found in Kalimantan, doesn’t have any aroma. If you don’t like jackfruit or cempedak fruit, you can try this fruit.

2. Lava fruit

It’s not easy to get this fruit. Lahung fruit is similar to durian fruit, the difference is that the fruit skin is red while durian is green. If the meat is split, the meat is red while the durian is yellow. The taste of the lava fruit is no different from durian.

3. Fruit rambai

Rambai fruit in the form of duku or langsat fruit. Having a sweet acidic taste than langsat, this bauh has grown and spread from Indonesia and Malaysia. The appearance of the rambai fruit indicates the end of the fruit season.

4. Fruit cardamom

Kapul fruit is similar to mangis. However, there are some differences that can be seen immediately, namely the color of the cardamom skin is colored like wood. Kapul pulp is white and yellowish, while the mangosteen is white. But in terms of taste, both have a sweet taste and a little sour taste.

5. Kasturi fruit

Kasturi fruit is the same as the name mango fruit which is a bit small like sapodilla fruit. The aroma is like magga but more pungent. The skin of the fruit is dark green, slightly blackish, the flesh is yellow to orange and tastes fresh and sweet. This fruit is still quite widely grown in Kalimantan, but only a few are known.…

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