• 30/11/2021
Kinds of Good Fruits to Finish Childbirth

Kinds of Good Fruits to Finish Childbirth

Kinds of Good Fruits to Finish Childbirth – During pregnancy and even after giving birth, there are many things that you must pay attention to, one of which is the issue of the food you should eat and shouldn’t eat. For mothers who have just finished giving birth, there are many things you must do and you must take care of their health.

Good Fruits Consumed After Childbirth, What Are?

1. Dates

A study found that mothers who consumed dates after giving birth lost less blood and also experienced less bleeding. Citing Healthline, dates are also a source of simple sugars that can help provide energy quickly. So that your energy can immediately recover and be ready to breastfeed your little one.

2. Blueberries

After giving birth, you definitely want to breastfeed your baby right away. Well Moms, blueberries can be the right choice to help meet your needs. These blueberries have lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for nursing mothers and provide a healthy dose of carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up after delivery.

3. Orange

Oranges are a great food for boosting energy after childbirth. Oranges are also an excellent fruit for breast milk production because they contain lots of vitamin C. Quoting WebMD, if you don’t have time to eat oranges, then you can ask your husband to make fresh juice. If you want to buy bottled orange juice, buy calcium-fortified juice to get more benefits from your drink.

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4. Apple

Try eating apples with peanut butter after giving birth, Moms. Because, this combination can provide protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to keep your energy stable. Apples are also a fruit with a long shelf life, so you can buy plenty to stock up on.

5. Banana

Potassium is very important for pregnant women, but maintaining high potassium levels after delivery is also important especially if you are breastfeeding. So try eating one medium-sized banana after giving birth because it contains about 450 milligrams of potassium.…

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How to Easily Get Profit at Online Slot Gambling

How to Easily Get Profit at Online Slot Gambling

How to Easily Get Profit at Online Slot Gambling – At the time of the popularity of online slot gambling games today, many new players are interested in trying and making a profit.

For you slot gambling players, now you can try this game by playing online. Enough only access via cellphone and computer, you can immediately play online slot gambling.

This time we want to give him some knowledge regarding how to play online slots to give him your advantage. We discuss the most popular in the world of online slot games, namely pragmatic providers.

You have to know first, you should play Indonesian online slot gambling on Asian online casino gambling websites that provide trusted online slot88, of course. So that the way the machine works is believed to be fair and genuine.

Each player has a special way of playing when playing online slot game machines. Therefore, you can get how to play slots that are just starting out in this article.

How to Easily Get Profit at Online Slot Gambling

How to Play Online Slots For Beginners

When slot games used to exist in the 1990s, they weren’t as detailed as they are today. They only have a few reels and only 1 payline, so read how to play online slots to get to know the terms in online slot gambling.


When you enter an online slot game, you will be presented with several vertical columns. The vertical column is the reel when we use it when playing online slot games, the picture above uses 5 reels.


Before you play online slots by spinning the reels, then click on the paytable/info on the lower left side of the game. Therefore you can see the payout in each combination clearly according to your bet, after understanding how to play online slots, you can immediately check the paytable and then play the slot.

Big bets and paylines

When you want to play online slot games, you have to watch the big bets and paylines when you want to play. You can play with a minimum nominal of 200 silver and can determine how many coins per line when you want to play. In the picture as a game of panda fortune by playing 25 paylines.

Slot Symbol

When you see the symbol symbol, of course you ask how many symbol symbols are used when playing online slot gambling? The answer is 10-12 symbols with very unique images of course depending on the topic you are playing with. In the picture above we take symbols when playing panda fortune.…

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