• 21/05/2022
Smart Guide to Capsa Stacking Gambling Quickly

Smart Guide to Capsa Stacking Gambling Quickly

Smart Guide to Capsa Stacking Gambling Quickly – Capsa Susun is a game that is played using playing cards as the game medium and only one deck of cards is needed.

You can play this game live or online. If you want to play online then simply find an online card gambling site that provides this game along with other card gambling such as poker, ceme, qiu qiu and many other games.

The way to have an account on an online gambling site is also quite easy because you only need to register yourself on the site then activate the user id and give a idn poker 88 deposit into it. All of these wins can later be withdrawn through an easy and fast withdrawal system.

But before that, it’s a good idea to understand how to gamble first and the basic things you need

Smart Guide to Capsa Stacking Gambling Quickly

Rules for Playing Capsa Susun Gambling

Each player will receive 13 cards and in one table can be played with a maximum of 4 players. These 13 cards can be arranged into 3 rows with the following conditions:

  • Bottom Row: Contains 5 cards and the cards in this row must be stronger than all other rows
  • Middle Row: Contains 5 cards as well and cards in this row must be stronger than the top row but not stronger than the bottom row
  • Top Row: Contains 3 cards and the value of the cards in this row is the weakest

This 5-5-3 card format will already be arranged by itself in online gambling so you just have to shift the existing cards until they meet the conditions for the arrangement of the cards above.

The time given to arrange cards in this online game is usually around 45 seconds, it can be less or more depending on the rules of the capsun gambling service provider. Meanwhile, the time to arrange cards in live games is usually not determined because other players are usually willing to wait for other players to finish arranging their cards.

However, it should be noted that in compiling cards if you violate any of the 3 provisions above, a player will be penalized either intentionally or unintentionally. The penalty is in the form of losing all rows of cards to all opposing players.

Capsa Susun Card Tier Guidelines

The level of strength of the stacking capsa cards is the same as poker gambling with 10 levels of cards available, and here is the arrangement of cards from the lowest to the highest level.

  • Momo (High Card)
  • Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Tris (Three of Kinds)
  • Series (Straight)
  • Flush
  • Polo (Full House)
  • Piting (Four of Kind)
  • Plesi (Straight Flush)
  • Royal Flush

With the guidelines above you can arrange the cards you receive clearly. For example, if you get a 3 pair flush card, then the flush must be in the bottom row because it is stronger than the other 3 pairs. Two pairs can be placed in the middle, and the pair as the weakest value of this composition is placed on top.

Then the question arises what if you have two sets of cards with the same level, which one is stronger? The answer lies in the value of the card which will be the benchmark for which card is higher. For example, straight aces to 5 are the lowest straights followed by straights 2-6, 3-7, and so on. Likewise with other level cards, for example, pair 2 is weaker than pair 3, pair 10 is weaker than pair jacks, pair king is weaker than pair aces.