• 27/01/2022
Several Types of Mangoes with the Most Delicious Taste

Several Types of Mangoes with the Most Delicious Taste

Several Types of Mangoes with the Most Delicious Taste – Mango is one type of fruit with a unique taste that is not owned by other types of fruit, mango also has a variety of flavors ranging from sour to sweet.

At first glance, the mango tree has the same shape. A woody plant that has a stem height of more than 5 meters. As a typical tropical plant, mango is very fertile in Indonesia.

Although it looks the same, it turns out that there are many types of mangoes. There are characteristics of each, ranging from color, taste, and how to eat.

Mango is now a classy preparation. For example, the modern mango juice has King Mango and Mango Sticky Rice. No wonder, because this fruit is very tempting with a fragrant aroma and sweet taste.

1. Mango Gedong Gincu

The gedong gincu mango comes from Cirebon which is reddish yellow in color. The size of the fruit is small and oval.

Besides Cirebon, gedong gincu is also famous in Indramayu. In terms of taste, gedong gincu from Indramayu is known to be sweeter. Unfortunately, the size of the gincu gedong from Indramayu is smaller so it is less desirable.

2. Mango Arumanis

Mango gadung or arumanis is one of the fruits of Probolinggo’s pride. This mango is oval in shape with a tapered tip.

As the name implies, this mango does have a fragrant aroma and sweet taste. The skin of the fruit is green, the texture of the flesh is soft, and it is durable. The price is around Rp. 14 thousand per kilogram.

3. Mango Manalagi

Manalagi mango has a blend of mango arumanis and golek taste. The size of the fruit is smaller than the mango golek.

The hallmark of the manalagi mango is its thick, dense, and fibrous flesh. This includes mangoes that last a long time after picking from the tree. Mango manalagi is priced at around Rp. 15 thousand per kilogram.

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4. Mango Apple

Called apple mango because it is round like an apple. This mango from Singapore is reddish green in color.

There are two types of apple mango, namely red and green. The green apple mango has a sour taste and is perfect for salads. Meanwhile, the red one is very fragrant and the texture of the meat is very smooth.

5. Mango Avocado

This is a typical Pasuruan mango which has recently gone viral. This mango is very unique because the way it eats is similar to avocado.

No need to bother peeling, you just have to cut the middle. There is no doubt about the taste, avocado mango is the result of a cross-breeding of gadung mango and honey mango.

Mango avocados are priced at around Rp. 35 thousand per kilogram.