• 21/05/2022

10 Fruits That Are Beneficial for Eye Health

10 Fruits That Are Beneficial for Eye Health – Eyes are one of the five senses, having eyes is a gift from God that should be grateful for. From a small ball we can see the beauty of nature. As a sign of gratitude, we must maintain and care for the health of the eyes themselves, natural resources such as fruits also have great benefits for eye health. Some of the fruits that we have summarized are good for eye health. Anything?

1. Pineapple
This fruit that has elongated leaves and thorny sides is rich in health benefits for the body, one of which is for eye health, because pineapple contains vitamin A and beta carotene which are good for eye health.


2. Grape seeds
In addition to the delicious and beneficial fruit for health, the seeds also have benefits. Grape seeds are useful and beneficial for preventing or restoring oxidative damage that can lead to cataract formation.


3. Blueberries
This fruit, which is similar to grapes, is also rich in benefits. One blueberry contains anthochyanosides, these compounds are useful and can help slow down the decline in vision.


4. Orange
This fruit that has a sweet taste and is orange in color contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin C contained in oranges is beneficial for eye health, prevents the growth of cataracts, and overcomes degeneration, decreased vision.


5. Jackfruit
This fruit that has a sweet taste, durian-like skin is also rich in vitamin C, the vitamin C contained in jackfruit is good for eye health too, you know!


6. Dragon fruit
This fruit that has white black spots is loved by many people, fresh in the mouth and delicious served in a bowl of mixed ice. Dragon fruit also contains vitamin C which can help nourish and protect the cornea of ​​the eye.


7. Papaya
This fruit is oval in shape, when it is ripe it is yellow, has a sweet and fresh taste in the mouth. Papaya contains vitamin C which is good for eye health, consuming papaya regularly can help keep vision normal.


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8. Mango
Mango is one of the fruits that bear fruit seasonally. It has different types, sweet and distinctive taste and thick flesh. Mango is also rich in health benefits, vitamin A contained in mango is very good for eye health.


9. Strawberry
This small and ‘cute’ fruit has its own characteristics, although it has a sour taste and fiber, many people like it. Strawberry is also a fruit that is rich in health benefits, one of which is eye health. Strawberries contain vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid and flavonoids.


10. Avocado
Many preparations are made from this green fruit, avocado has a variety of health benefits, one of which is eye health, making the eyes focus on the object being seen, eating avocados also reduces the risk of eye disorders, because avocados contain substances lutein.


Those are some fruits that are beneficial for eye health, it’s good for us to regularly eat fruits, in addition to the fresh taste of fruits are so rich in health benefits. Let’s always adopt a healthy lifestyle.